I had a weird thought and wanted to scribble it down.  Every one that ever experiences labour pains (usually women… hehe) says after it was all over with, that it was worth every second.  Pain usually isn’t looked at in that way.  The pains of training for athletes are looked on in the same light.  In my life, I’m used to looking at pain as a positive experience.  No, I’m not a masochist at heart… although I like to joke about it.  The pains we live through almost always when seen through the prism of the past tend to be things that we grow from.  It’s not because all pain is constructive or makes sense, it’s because we lived through it.  But, more often or not, we don’t think it’s worth it.  That’s because we never get to see the pain with the end result in mind.  Giving birth, training, they’re done with a specific goal or understand in mind.  There’s a picture of what things are going to look like when we get to the end of it.  Even the most devoted person to a cause, has moments of doubt due to the pain we suffer from everyday existence.  Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual… those pains have to be lived through before they’re appreciated.


I’ve always looked at pain as positive.  Not for the immediacy of the experience, but for the living through it and growing from it.  Just a thought.  I must be wired really differently, or I get something that most people don’t.  But in my mind, enduring pain without being conscious of what the end result might be, is suffering.