My friend called me up today, and in the midst of the discussion, described a phenomenon that occurred with her son and his playmate.  Her son is around 3 1/2 years old and is talking up a storm.  Not really comprehending much mind you, but talking a bunch.  He loves to repeat the words he’s just heard in a commercial or in someone else’s discussion.  While he and his playmate were sitting on the floor moving small cars and trucks back and forth, they started a conversation.  According to my friend, her son and the other child were interacting incredibly well for children their ages.  However, when she really listened in, she found out that they’re still waaaay away from making anything other than “small talk”.  (Pardon the pun)  As she listened, one boy would talk for a little bit and then pause, then the other one would say something, and the process would repeat often vice versa… Except neither one was talking about what the other said.  There were pauses, and it would appear to others that it was polite and attentive, but they were just marking time between what they wanted to say.  No real listening, no real comprehension.  Quite odd, don’t you think?  It is human behaviour that we are so self-centered that we can from time to time completely not consider others in our lives.  Many times the people we don’t consider very much are either the ones we see every day that we take them for granted, or the ones we never see are “out of sight, out of mind”.   Makes you wonder how things really get so out of whack in the world today?  Especially when we can hardly focus on the people in front of us, much less people we’ve never met…. or scarier than that, a God whom more often than not we can’t recognise His voice when we hear it.   Just a couple of words for a thought or two.