Ever feel like the world is crushing you?  I just got some pics from a good friend who was there when Katrina hit.  What an amazing display of natural firepower.  Can you imagine how it felt to be standing underneath those clouds and sky?  Many times in the past, I have enjoyed walking in the rains and storms.  More often, when I have been in the midst of that situation, I have longed for the storm because there were storms raging in my personal life.  Somehow, either the storm outside cooled down the one in my life, or vice versa.  (perception is everything)  But when I see these pictures, I am reminded of the other thing that I search for whenever I walk in the rain.  Dreams.  I try to get in touch with that part of me that dreams.  Dreams seem to be overrated in many regards, but I have always held onto a few dreams in my life.  A dream of what my heart wants to be, what life could be, and I enjoy those things.  People think that dreaming  is a foolhardy thing at best.  But, dreams may not be destined to come true, but without the hope that is invested in dreams and invested in the Who that makes dreams come true, life is a very fragile and listless existence.  Whenever you come face to face with the majesty of our Creator through His creation, it’s hard not to just be enveloped in the experience.

Seems to me, like there is a lot to dream about here.  More than we can possibly completely imagine.  Hrm, it appears to be raining outside.  I am off to dream a bit.

Enjoy the day.  Peace.