Bonsai trees.  Their beauty seems to stem (pardon the pun) from the bends in the trunk.  As one trims the tree, the twists and turns in the growing process become clearer and clearer.  And the older the tree, the more gnarled and unattractive it seems up close.  But, stand back, and most people would agree that it’s a stunning sight to look upon.  I’m not quite sure why we mere mortals can gaze on these things with amazement, but we do.  I think that it’s because of the craftsmanship that goes into every one of them.


If you’ve ever lived on a body of water, you’ll understand my next statement.  Trees get really messed up on the ocean.  Trees growing almost parallel with the ground.  Trees twisted around other trees.  Trees with “U” shaped bends, or “S” shaped bends. Probably because I’ve lived on either the open water, or near the coast for a large portion of my life, I tend to look at those trees in more awe than the aforementioned bonsai trees.  Why?  Because they were bent and bruised and twisted by the hand of God.  Storms, sunrises, winds, floods, etc.  They all played a part in the development of those trees… the ones that have survived that is.  Several trees that I’ve seen over the years have immediately reminded me of Jacob’s lame walk.


Those trees just stood there in the midst of the storms.  They wouldn’t give up.  It makes me wonder sometimes how many others gave up and became uprooted, died in the waters or the winds.  A tree saying to a storm that it won’t give up.  It refusing to give up the ghost, as it were.  I think people need to be more like that sometimes.  It’s just too easy to give up in this world that we find ourselves.


To follow up my comments on dreams, I would like to put forth this concept.  Dreams allow people to have hope, hope allows people to persevere, and perseverance allows us to be molded into what we need to become or be.  God clips and trims us.  We get bumps, bruises, scars, and limps.  But we become something beautiful at the end of it.  Sure, if you look closely, things aren’t so pretty.  There are places where we are bent.  But seeing that God is a pretty good gardener, He won’t allow us to shatter.  He’ll take those bends, twists, bumps, and scars and fashion us into something amazing.  We must persevere to see the end result.  Don’t we?




Ah well, until next time,