Very often I find myself looking at either my life or someone else’s and trying to find God’s hand moving in it.  Recently, there have been many instances where I could not see the hand as much as the fingerprints left behind after His actions were done.  The thematic of seeing that happen over and over hasn’t been missed by my eyes.  My mother is going to be living out one of my dreams by going overseas to Uganda.  In my heart I desire to enter another culture and serve out God’s purposes there.  I would love to see another land with someone else’s eyes instead of my own.  To look for those fingerprints and see where His touch is… ah, I would so much enjoy that.  However, I watch my mother become content and peaceful in the knowledge that she was created for this very moment.  And all those times sharing my burning desires about going overseas… there’s the fingerprint, not in the other land or on the other people, but upon my mother.  Sometimes it’s not where we look, it’s with whose eyes we look.  =)  Where are the places in your life that you can see the prints… perhaps you’re the one with the prints on you.


Grace to you