The whole concept of that liquid of metals, gallium had me thinking again.  I know that’s dangerous, but it’s only a musing, nothing more than that.

At room temperature, gallium usually is liquid, perhaps a little warmer just to make sure.  So I thought about temperature versus its character.   Its symbol of our lives is pretty simple to me.  Paul in the Bible makes comment about being all things to all people who some may be saved.  So, that meant that Paul had to be pretty malleable, changeable, flexible, etc.  Gallium when it is liquid, doesn’t change its basic chemical structure.  When it’s solid, it’s not a different element.  It’s still true to its nature.  That also doesn’t change when it liquefies.  That’s what Paul was looking for when he was trying to be all things to all people.  He wasn’t changing himself to fit a circumstance or situation… his makeup, his beliefs, the purpose for his life didn’t change, his service to God wasn’t compromised by what he was doing.  Just as Jesus did by talking with the woman at the well (a no-no in social terms back then), Paul was willing to be used in whatever way would be able to allow him to speak with people across all backgrounds, circumstances, etc.  He was malleable.  Just like my new favourite element gallium.

Paul had to be close to God to be able to do that, otherwise he would compromise himself to allow the end to justify the means.  In the extended metaphor, he had to be warm enough to be changed.  If he were too cold, and became solid… the nature of the human person would make him brittle, and would have to broken to fit into another mold.    Too often we tend to become set, and don’t allow ourselves to be molded into what God is doing because we are no longer malleable.  Or, we recognise that and take it upon ourselves to be willing to change for whatever possible, and thusly we compromise the core of our beliefs, what we understand to be true about God and His desires for our behaviour and lives… that we change who we really are supposed to be… we become something that doesn’t please God in the process.


Just another reflection, I wish I had time to actually put it altogether in a cohesive thought, but early morning musings are too quick….