A quiet happenstance is the reason for our being off from work, out of school, and hopefully enjoying the comfort of friends and family.  Being the end of the year, I wonder what becomes of the other days when we live our lives seemingly outside of the reality of Christ’s birth.  What a horrible experience that God had to endure.  Being born.  For the parents it’s a wonderful experience, filled with joy, concern, happiness, pain…  But for God, to suddenly have to breathe, to feel pain, to experience unfairness, injustice, to be hungry, to cry in sadness… I am sure we cannot begin to understand what it is like to NOT have any of the brokenness and suffering and then be forced into enduring it…  God., who could enjoy all of creation’s goodness all He wanted, had to be born and then experience all of it’s badness… A baby was born, and yes, it was the only way for God to rectify our lost and disobedient lives…  But, it’s a shame it had to happen in the first place.

I am grateful that He was willing to die my death for me, so that I might be given His life.  But it’s a pity it came to pass in the first place.  That we subject our loving God, to such things daily… it makes me want to give up the ghost, as it were.  Christmas usually leaves me with regrets and shame, not the silly celebration that we as a culture temporarily put on to get our days off…  Gosh that sounds so cynical.  But, I’m so sorry that my sin was the impetus for His actions.  But, that’s how much He loves us.  Even when we don’t love back.  And thanks to that Grace, I can get up another day and know that His love covers that multitude of transgressions.

But I still wish it never had to happen in the first place.


Grace for all,