After 7 years, I am finally being forced into a move.  I had no idea that things pertaining to my conversation this year with God about priorities would come to full purpose so soon.  It’s awfully strange, but I’m going to live alone for the first time since I was in college… almost 16 years ago I think.  I’ve had some form of a roommate for a long time.  When I started college I had one for about a semester, and then for the next 3 years I was alone.  But, ever since that one year in college where I had roomscum, I haven’t had to walk the halls of my own place alone.  I don’t know if it will be a good thing or a bad one… all I know is that it will be a chance for change.  And I’m always all about seeing changes and seeing chances.  Perhaps that deep down wish for a place to get recharged is coming to fruition.  Never thought it would come about in this way.  But no matter.  I have a new place and perchance in the next few months I’ll come back and blog about how things are going and what things I’m learning, etc.  I don’t think I will set up internet access immediately.  I will try to figure out what my real budget will look like, instead of setting up everything, and then trying to make it all work.  Everything in its proper place this year.  Gotta keep remembering that.  So, it will all fall into place one step at a time.  I guess that’s the only way to truly put everything away where it’s supposed to be… one thing at a time.  But, I’ll check in a few more times in the next week or so…. before the move is finalised.  If you don’t hear from me often, don’t be afraid to either pray for me when the thought comes to mind, or contact me, or both.   Preferably both.  =)


Anyhoo, I must go to bed.  Sheesh, I had to get out of college for a curfew, go figure.  =b