…. usually to me.  =)  Okay, I have to share this story.  A friend of mine said that if I could just keep a running tally on the weird and the strange stuff that happens to me in the course of just living, I might have a book someday.  So, here it goes.

A couple of weekends ago, I visited with my father.  We traded his b’day gifts for a computer desk that he had sitting around in his home gathering dust… and had the added benefit of a great visit for just the two of us.  The visit wasn’t nearly as long as I had figured it would be.  I was disappointed, but since I had extra time, I went to the casino to play a little poker.   $100 is all I had on me, total.  I figured I could buy a few hours of fun and competition, and usually I end up on the positive side of it.  So, what the heck.

After sitting around I had accumulated about 75 or so more dollars to my stack in only about an hour or so.  Then I got myself into a hand where I totally misread my opponent, and lost about 45.  I kicked myself for missing the obvious signs and stood up to get a breather.  Walking away from my table, I went maybe 50 feet or so and a woman came up to me from out of nowhere and said something akin to, “Hi!”  She grabbed my hands and put them on her upper chest and said, “These are brand new!  What do you think?!!?”

Flabbergasted, I mumbled something like, “What? Huh?”  And she asked me if I liked them.  I said that they were fine, and she went flittering off into the distance.  Still stunned at what just happened, I heard in the background the same basic approach to about 4 other people, at least one of them a woman, and I laughed and laughed.  Several people from around where I was standing laughed, gawked, and basically for about 20 minutes just marveled at how completely from left field that was!

Needless to say, when I returned to the table, I couldn’t really focus that well, and lost the better part of my original $100 quickly.  Go figure.  I’m not quite sure if she was in cahoots with someone who was playing poker at one of the tables, but there’s another thing that just doesn’t happen everyday.  Does it happen like that for you?!

Just figured I should share.  That lady wanted to apparently share as well.  EEK!  LOL!

Till later,