The more prevalent barrier to having a lasting impact in a community is credibility.  People do not throw their hats in to the ring with a group that lacks a positive image within neighbourhoods, areas or communities.  Too often the solution for complex problems seems to be to resort to throwing money at it, then leaving.  People like John Perkins, his son Spencer and Chris Rice, Dolphus Weary who are on the forefront of economic justice, racial reconciliation, and community reclamation all have one thing in common:  they have the respect and trust of the folks around them.  That trust is hard earned.  Many people that want to see drastic change overcome years and years of frustration in economically challenged areas, would prefer to find ways that make it happen quickly.  Change like that takes time.  Sometimes lifetimes. 

That is the challenge of the here and now world in which we live.  We cannot wait long enough, and invest long enough to make true change happen.  We’d rather throw money at something when it gets too hard or takes too long to fix.  That’s why our government fails at almost everything that it tries to do.  Throw money or a program or something at a problem, and then ‘we’ve done our part’ to help the situation.  Rarely does that ever work.  Can you commit to a lifetime of trying to see something come to fruition without ever seeing the end result?  I don’t know if I can.

Thus the challenge for me, a temporary soul, starts a lifetime from now.  And it starts today.