I’m feeling torn between the effectiveness of the mindset of being temporary, (ie I can make an impact on many people if God allows me, because I don’t have to “hang around” for long periods of time.)  and the concept of lasting relationships and lasting community.  I am much more comfortable with the former in action and the latter in substance.  Is there a possibility of combining the two?

It’s a strange dichotomy.  Perhaps I’m making too much of this.  I over think things from time to time.  It’s easy to get very myopic when you’re trying to break out of a pattern of behaviour or a tendency in character.

Older is supposed to make you wiser (haha), and is supposed to help you know how to spend your time and energies in a more effective way.  Part of me thinks this is true.  Part of me is convinced that is not more than a saying, with no basis in reality.  I hope I’m wrong.

There is a simplicity in being torn though.  Especially during this time of year… this season of suffering reminds us to be torn is not pleasant, but it’s worth the holiness and redemption on the other side of it.  Jesus was torn, for our sake.  Can we do any less for the sake of others? 

For we are to live Christ’s life for Him, since He died our death for us.