I don’t want to jump on the bandwagon with everyone else.  I am not shocked that this disaster happened.  Whenever there is human responsibility, there is disaster to be had.  Everyone is vilifying BP, and maybe there is some of that to be done.  However, we are the ones to be blamed.  We have the utter hubris to think that accidents wouldn’t happen.  Of course human nature is to blame the immediate cause of the disaster, but I’m sorry, this situation is our fault.  There is another accident that will happen, and the next one would possibly be another oil spill or even worse nuclear in nature. 

Why is it that we look to punish the people who service our addictions, feed our compulsions, and drive our habits? 

As unpopular as this is, BP is only at the surface of this disaster.  Our thirst for our comforts is the source.  If we want to blame someone, we need to look in the mirror.