Picture yourself sitting down for dinner.  Your family or friends are there.  It’s a festive occasion, and the food seems to hit every nagging desire, every spot.  There are smiles, laughter, and gentle conversation.  Picture this, can you see yourself there?

Not everyone can.

When you cannot see anything other than the grey.


For reasons that vary greatly, people sometimes don’t have that view of life.  Nothing remotely idyllic to look for.  Nothing emotionally fulfilling at all.  For some the possibility that they might have something similar gives them hope. 

Something grates against the fibre of my being when people cannot look at life and see the positives.  That’s because I have a difficult time seeing them from time to time myself.  But, after seeing what life can actually bring, many people like myself have an impediment to hope.

When people have a dark shroud over their view on life, tomorrow can only look like today.  If today someone is suffering or has troubles, then they see things so negatively that it’s hard to believe that tomorrow could ever been any different.  Even if today seems to be a good day, tomorrow is always seen through the eyes of yesterday.  This mentality is hard to break.  My heart aches for those that struggle with this.  I imagine that everyone struggles from time to time, not being able to see the world without a veil.  They never see the sun peeking out from the clouds, they only see the clouds…

The strength of the future lies in the ability for the mind to see not what is, but what can be.  Too often we see only lies and what cannot be…