Words and Peace.  Tolstoy would be proud. =b

The wonder of words.  Ah, how wonderful they are.  I have a theory about them, and also about we who use them…

I have come to the understanding that people only have a certain amount of words available to them.  If we use them in one area of our lives, then we don’t have them ready for us in others.  People that speak  for a living often have quiet personalities when they come home.  They’ve used up all of their words for the day at work.  If we spend too much time in an activity that takes our words, then we don’t usually throw ourselves into other word-infused events.

My father is a teacher.  When he comes home, this naturally exuberant man who can tell a joke at the drop of a hat, needs quiet.  It’s part of being balanced in our lives, I suppose.  As someone who likes to use words, I’m convinced that whether they are spoken or written, I only have a certain amount of words per day.  I’m not sure what that limit is, but I know that I have hit the limit a couple of times recently. 

If I have been especially involved speaking with people, I find it wonderfully enriching because for the most part I am an extrovert.  However, when that happens, I usually don’t have those times where I just sit and write.  The same happens for the reverse.  An interesting phenomenon for me.  People also challenge those reserves.  If I spent a great deal of time focusing on one or two people, the other relationships tend to be more quiet and less interactive.  I know that for me is more being temporary than for most, seeing as how I have always been able to drop everything and shift priorities around.  It still leaves me to ponder.

Who knows?  Maybe it’s not a daily thing, but more of a period of time.  If you’re quiet for a great deal of time, then you might have more than a daily allotment to use.  Sort of like stockpiling your sick days or saving your change for a rainy day.  I don’t know.  But I’m sure each person only has a certain  amount of them, and it’s not the same for every one. 

It’s an interesting concept.  I’ve been musing about it today.  I wonder what happens when there are no more words that can be said…