I had one of those “random book opening” moments this evening.  You know the type, the idea that you grab a book off the shelf and it just opens to something that seems profound or important.  Recently I’ve been musing about the concept of how the pursuit of comfort or luxury deadens normally compassionate people into a sense of detachment from those around them.  It causes me great concern because more and more people have let their comforts dictate their morality.  It bothers me.  Gets under my skin when people who are strongly moral people allow the protection of their comforts to influence their world-view.  What is right or wrong should not be dictated by our politics.  What is God-centered should not be affected by our politics or social mindset.  Our worldview, our politics, our social mindset should come from God.  We make things so backwards in our society at this moment in time.  Tonight I found this snippet of a poem  from someone who during these current ideological conflicts, probably is an appropriate read…


‎”Luxury, then, is a way of
being ignorant, comfortably
An approach to the open market
of least information. Where theories
can thrive, under heavy tarpaulins
without being cracked by ideas.”

Imamu Amiri Baraka. (LeRoi Jones—Political Poem—1964)

We have too many people wanting to keep what’s “theirs”, too many people wanting every day to be comfortable… not enough wanting to do what’s right.  Lord help us not to hide and be comfortably ignorant.  Ideas need to be fleshed out and challenged.