You loved to stand looking with awe and wonder

like a giggling girl to see the artwork and to trace the pinpoints

For more than 65 years you said you’ve never seen one shooting

across the heavens tracing with God’s finger, until last year

In the mornings you loved to see the brightest one

paint the horizon with the myriad in its palette

as the world in its slumber awakened and roared to life

During the day you would sit resting by the canal tree

not 20 paces from the all too often covered glass door

and you would let your feet dangle over the canal running below

You absorbed the puffy cloud sculptures as they traipsed past

pulled by strings of wind roped across the ever-changing sky

But it was always the night where you would gaze longingly

hoping to see that which the Greeks and Romans made vernacular

straining so hard past your aging eyes’ deficiencies hoping,

praying to see that which inspired poetry and legends and myths anew

Yet, they were drowned out by the intrusive streetlamps their

brightness against a blinding canvas saturated with too much brightness

It frustrated you, being so far away from the home you knew

where you could see wondrous creations my eyes never have held

Tonight, you rest amoung them, and I keep seeing them shoot and trace

I know in my heart that you’re asking God to do it again, and again

and He does, knowing that it brings you joy, and gives me peace

because I can see everything so bright in the stillness tonight



3:41 am

10 December 2010



My mother so loved marvelling at the sky during her life.  Especially so in the last decade, when she had most of one lung removed due to being a life-long smoker.  She gained a new perspective on life and beauty.  Her heart would flutter and seek out the beauty in God’s creation.  She said that she never saw a shooting star in her entire lifetime until last year when she was staying with me.  After seeing that, she enjoyed the Pleiades, and went star-gazing as often as she could stay outside (until it was too cold for her to stand out there).  Ever just stand at night and marvel at them?