While this could easily be the introduction to a much longer post, I came across something that I didn’t know until now…

I never connected my mother’s work as a missionary to Uganda here on my blog. 

Part of me feels so sad because of that.  Downright disgusted that I never did that here.  So I’m rectifying this.  I am adding a link down below, so that people may see what her life’s desire was.  So that they could see on her webpage what she gave her life for.

I’m sorry, Mom, that I never did that. 

I hope you folks that are interested might find her second-life’s work interesting and eye-opening.  When God said, “Go.”  She sold everything and went.  She had the faith of a child, or the faith of someone knowing that the pearl she was searching for was in another field.  Either way, please visit those pages and learn about what I never gave you an opportunity to see before.   Her journals are rich, and full of God’s perspective if you read…

Forgive me folks, it had never crossed my mind before today, as I am trying to prepare for her memorial service this Saturday.