It’s pretty amazing how the concept of hypocrisy is thrown around without regards to what it truly means.  We easily throw that word about with regards to so many people that we do not like.  Politicians, religious supporters, icons, writers, talking heads, teachers and anyone who proclaims that they hold any sort of belief… they get characterised as hypocritical by anyone that disagrees with their point of view. 

You know why?  We’re all hypocrites.

Hypocrisy is so subtle.  The knowing what is right is at war with our natural inclination to avoid conflict, avoid effort.  Sadly the lies we tell by our actions vs our beliefs are not ones we tell to others, but they are ones that we tell to ourselves.  If we were really better, then we would step up and hold ourselves to a higher standard.  Sometimes it’s because if we cannot be perfect, then why should we try at all?  Other times, it’s because of an internal understanding that we should be better, but choose comfort instead of harder circumstances.

My own observation of hypocrisy is like me,  a little strange.  I believe that if hypocrisy is not actively supporting that which we say we believe, then no one in this day and age can claim anyone else is, in fact, a hypocrite.  We all live in a society that refuses on a large scale to uphold values that we say we believe.  So, when we don’t uphold them in action, we’re living out that one widely held value.  Therefore, I believe that no one and everyone is hypocritical.  And yet, we use that concept to beat and destroy and tear down anyone that opposes us ideologically.  We all do it.  Perhaps one of the few ideals or values our society actually supports is the mutual destruction of each other on opposing sides of belief.

That is why as a Christian, I believe we all need the redemptive and restoring presence of a saviour.  Otherwise, we’re bound and determined to continue this pattern of behaviour. 

Reconciliation made personal. 

Freedom made for all. 

The hypocrisy of it all is that Jesus requires us to actually “come, and follow” Him…


Wow, we have to step out and do.



Can it really be hypocrisy when everyone does it to some extent?