My honest opinion is one that does not make friends.  When I make observations about politics nowadays, people get angered.  My friends all get politically oriented, especially in today’s climate.  Rather than get into the political debate, here is one thing that I get frustrated with over and over…

Religious people, indeed most Christians, do not often let their faith decide their position on issues, they choose a political side on issues… and that dictates their faith. 

That happens far too often.  Our relationship with God should determine our point of view, because the Christian faith isn’t conservative, nor liberal.  It transcends issues like this.  If we give into the backwards thinking, our understanding of God is smaller and smaller and distorted in a way that neither glorifies Him nor addresses the issues in a constructive way.  The solutions for complicated political issues can only come from a Lord who set everything in motion at the beginning of time.

Sadly, one of the most common results of our society today is that we (Christians) rely upon the government to take care of that which is our responsibility.  We complain at what the government is trying to do, and how it is trying to do it.  However, it is only because we abdicate our responsibility as servants of God and followers of Christ that the government even tries to address these issues at all.  If we took our faith seriously, then we wouldn’t want someone else to do what is ours to do.  Then the issue of whether a political stance about a strategy of government program or policy is biblically based or not would be moot.