So, I’ve taken the cue from a few friends to change gears a bit.  I have long wondered about those people who create new blogs to fit certain aspects of their writing style.  Create a different painting on a different canvas as it were.

It’s true that most people have different narratives going on in their lives.  Most people don’t necessarily deliberately fragment their thoughts and cultivate them as would a farmer segregating their crops.  But painters do.  Writers do as well.  I suppose that writers are just painters, but using words. 

Sometimes it’s enough to change the journal in which you’re writing to keep the juices flowing.  Other times, one has to separate themselves and retreat for a new perspective.  But, every change that facilitates a feeling of newness and possibility is one that also encourages creativity.  So, for a little while, I’ll be seeing how this one fits me. 

Anybody out there that actually reads this… What do you think?