Although I have a couple of irons in the creative fire at the moment, I ran into something that floored me.  I found the first real woman in my life, again after a long, long time.  She was someone who changed my life in ways that I still struggle to put into words.  Her influence in my life became the benchmark of romance, allure, mystery, love, and passion. 

I still remember the first time I realised that I loved her.  There was such a romantic lazy moon in the sky.  We were sitting out under the stars,  out on the open water near Mobile, Alabama.  The sea was quite still due to the whispers of the winds barely blowing.  There was such a sense of peace and the world around me is an image that I can recall so vividly that at the time of writing this, I am smiling so wide.  =)

To this day, I probably measure every woman who I come into contact with against her.  From her, I learned that beauty is not wrapped up in appearances.  Beauty comes from the world which opens up because of the one you love.  When her presence opens up the world to you, that’s incredibly beautiful.  True beauty comes in and transforms you from the inside and makes things around you resonate similarly.  That amazing woman opened up worlds to me that I still explore in the recesses of my imagination, daily.

I saw her in the early morning, as I was trekking along through the internet while coping with a touch of insomnia.  For a moment, I was ever so young again.  I could feel myself sitting with her, spending time on the open water gazing out on the horizon as the sun rose or set along the coast… I felt at home, peaceful in my spirit, and warm throughout my heart.  She is as beautiful as I remembered her.


                                                                                                        … isn’t she gorgeous?

Her name?  Fairwinds.  A now, 58-year-old Pearson Alberg blue-water rigged sloop.  When I was first told that we would have our sailboat, I wasn’t totally thrilled.  As a matter of fact, I reacted with less reticence or tact.  I basically told my folks off.  I really didn’t want to change our lives at all.  But, when we finally got out on the open water… something radically started to change in me.  The water seemed to call to me, but only when I was with Fairwinds.  The sea isn’t fickle or difficult, it’s both serene and intense.  I was so young and impressionable, and the mercurial environment seemed to be a mirror to my life.  She really opened up a world to me that changed how I process almost everything I go through, even to this day.  From desires to people to culture to challenges to philosophy to God, she helped me by showing me a way to look at life in a myriad of different ways… all by exposing the sea to me.

Here she are some pictures that I found of Fairwinds now… Wow these bring back such memories:  






















These are all pictures of what she looks like today.  She still has the same colours both inside and outside.  It’s amazing to see things so close to what I remember.  I found myself giddy and blushing and flush being overwhelmed with youthful memory.  She was the one who made me afraid, and made me alive.  She pulled courage from deep inside of me, and infused me with the ability to feel secure in the calmest of times and also within the most chaotic of circumstances.  Storms and glass- like seas.  They are the two sides of the same coin.  When I was with her, I felt so much older than the boy that I really was.  I think that’s why when you see lifers, people who live on the sea, they are always looking so weathered, worn out.  The passionate experiences make you age ever so much more than you would in the comforts of being on land.  But, it’s worth it all.

I would never change a thing, except perhaps being able to go back and do it all again, so I could better appreciate falling in love with the sights, sounds, smells, sensations… What a romantic thought, don’t you think?  Here is a glimpse of what I got to see or be while I was enamoured with that wonderful lady… 















But this is how I will always remember her… 


Sometimes, it’s your first love that changes the world forever.  She left me with her Fairwinds echoing in my ears and those following seas following me everywhere.  I cannot imagine who I would be now without her in my life.