As a writer, if I don’t find equal parts inspiration, effort, fear, and joy in the process, then I haven’t:


shared something real or universal for all,
declared something true and transforming,
bared my innermost soul, my scars and joys,
cared enough to be vulnerable or become
aware of life outside myself, something divine…


But, if I have.  If I truly have, then I have honoured the gift, the insight, the giver, and the process.  It’s that for which I strive.

If there can be one thing for which I hope… I pray that the daily could become divine, and the divine become daily… That my eyes might see, ears may hear, and hands may fashion something both pleasing to you and challenging to the world… That in due diligence, something from me may be used by You for Your glory and purposes to build, not destroy, Your people… And, when all of me ends, may there be left something of substance that never passes away… That this instrument fashions good and beautiful work.  May there be equal parts grace and truth in all I do.