Poetry: The Final Brain Cell          

Sometimes you get muddy looking for inspiration.


Apparently I write way too much when just writing… so when I wax poetic I tend to be sparse on the understanding… Perhaps in my quest to becoming more permanent, my words might carry a little more concreteness to them.          

I have always considered the two brain cells that are left in my head the reason why occasionally I feel I have some insight into reality… or can see the world through the skewed point of view I seem to have.          

I only hope that I’m not nearly as myopic as I feel I am, and that eventually my words when refined enough, might actually speak to someone else. Well, until the final brain cell goes, that is…          

So, what is Poetry? Is it mere reflection, is it transcending observation, or is it more the part of us that God created in His image trying to burst out of this piece of clay? What do you think? If you choose to look with me, my 2010 Writer’s Challenge work is above in the order by which I post them. I hope you enjoy and can challenge me to be better at this.       


April 2010 is the start of another challenge.  Since my friends and I have had our self-imposed challenge fizzle down to nothing, I am in the process of picking up a gauntlet that was thrown at me.  30 days of April, 30 poems.  Not polished or totally finished works, but workable nonetheless.  There was a time when I could have put together 30 poems in a few days, but they would be all haphazard and without serious merit.  Out of the group I would find myself with perhaps one or two worth hammering through to keep.  This April will explore the topics that I call inspired or cannot shake.  Pray that the process teaches me consistency, discipline, and above all else to be able to trust in that echo of God that He put within us all…  that divine piece of Himself that He breathed into us.  I may post a few works from time to time as I spit and clean and rework.  Hope you will return from time to time to investigate the walk.      


The year is almost halfway done.  It’s June 7th!  The original challenge is all but a memory for those that were into it.  Except I’m still struggling, and trying to write.  I wish that I could find partners with me to make writing more of a priority.  It helps to be in a group when you need feedback on your work.     

April was a tough month for the 30 poems in 30 days challenge.  I failed miserably.  Actually, I shouldn’t have shot for such a high goal.  10 poems in 30 days would be hard enough.  Yet, 9 is all I could muster up, and since then I have written more.  If the goal was to write, I succeeded in that.     

I’m scribbling more.  One-liners, small paragraphs of thoughtful pondering, quips, and the random profundity.  I’m quite pleased with 2010 so far, but I have much more to go.  So, in the spirit of making challenges to move forwards…. a new one awaits very soon.  I will post as soon as it’s more set in stone.      


2010.  June.  This month the new challenge is here.  Today, and every other day for the rest of the month, the challenge is not to wax poetic.  The challenge is not to ponder the great profundities that our Creator has left for us to ponder.  The challenge is to be quite simple, and to strip down things into everyday notions.   My friend, Kerry Johnson put me up to it… I pray it’s a new insight into prayer and supplication. 

The challenge:   To pray for the things I may believe are too small for God to care about. Pray for rain. Pray for a new friendship. Pray for a good conversation with a brother or sister in Christ. Pray for something that I don’t need to survive, but that God loves me enough to care about too. Exercise my faith. Keep it simple, maybe one ‘small’ prayer every other day, but keep track.   

Given my proclivity to have my eyes on the horizon and not at my feet, this will be different.  Hopefully, it will be fun, challenging and give me a better perspective on the idea of being more permanent.  As with all things, it will be simplicity and genuineness that will be the key.   I cannot wait to see how the month will go.  I will post all of them at the end of the month: the observations, prayers, topics and hopefully little wonderful answers.  But, I will post along the way.  Follow with me, if you choose.