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Hearts hurting, bewildered, angry
give into the most basic of human needs

security in one’s soul

A divide in concept, in ideal, in reality
serves to break us beyond our understanding of repair
Instead of recognising a shared predicament
we identify ourselves with our woundedness
It puts us at either end of a never balancing fulcrum
made of the stuff that original sin was created from

So, we fight one against another
Adversaries like pawns in our enemy’s game
Beaten, battered, victimized, shattered
Wearied, ashamed, fearful, unchanged
given into the most basic of human failings

destroy rather than restore

For Christ’s purpose was reclamation
relationships disintegrated, renewed by a selfless act
It removed the eternal imbalance, set aside brokenness
gave us a piece of hope, divinity wrapped in forgiveness and clay

He stands with us
not prize-fighters in a ring
He stands with us
love given everlasting
He stands with us

In the middle of grief, aside us with the steps of fear
we consumed by our own hatred, truth and right unclear
In the midst of failing and hopeless enveloping night
He stands with us to reconcile and won’t walk away

That’s the purpose of love, our souls set aright

7:29 am
25 November 2014

—-Should we not do the same with one another?  The only way people can move forward from such divisive and painful times is to promise to love someone enough to stand with them until reparations and solutions can be found.

It’s like a slammed door to the face.
The echo of the pain isn’t the blood trickling down
from a broken nose.
It’s the treatment, both in action and in thought

That I am not enough to be dealt with
face to face,
and berates my identity, eroding my worth.

Strangers would be given more consideration,
acknowledged with superficial pleasantries.

But my long-standing relationship is cast away,
disgracing me in humiliating

Each slight becomes magnified, like white-hot
light burning into my chest,
And I feel like Hester Prynne,

forever to be treated as less than human
less than a person.

So, I don’t exist anymore unless I can muster
enough energy to rail against my sentence,
and that isn’t me…

it’s the pain of being shut out into a world of

1:50 am
20 November 2013

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