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Pain in all forms interrupts our lives and changes the way we see the world.  Far too often, pain makes us look at things we normally wouldn’t.  However, pain also makes us search frantically for things to remove that pain from our lives.  So, also far too often, we end up looking for both relief and answers in places where there are none to be found.  Pain reminds us that things are not what they should be, that there is something wrong.  But when the pain is societal, the symptoms are rarely the source of the problem.  There is no easy answer or easy solution to what happened in CT, and honestly it offends my reality of experiencing this pain when someone offers up one.  There is no healing when that happens.  In the face of pain, we truly want healing.  I want healing, not some half-thought-out knee-jerk response to the brokenness that we all know exists.  I crave in the face of such pain, restoration and reclamation… and all people, after they get past their anger or shock or dismay, crave that too.

Our hearts ache.

In the wake of what I am
changing reality
an argument against maturity
I don’t
to have to choose
Forced by a hard night’s floor
one foot stepped
placed by a hand that knows
the difference between each
defensive position
Now another reminder
Frail life
more transparently short
than we admit to ourselves
and all
I hear screaming
is my selfish childlike voice
I’m not ready yet
I don’t want to learn
live without you

As if this
is truly anything
about what I want
It becomes a twisted mirror
propped up
by absence and possibilities
is the image sobbing
as I look on
that I might be forced
to admit to myself
A man
with self-reliance
Inside the twisted wreckage
a bleating cry
embarrassing phrases
about self-reliance
and feet
standing in
shifting soil
due to the lack of desire
to be more than
unable to make it
live without you

I’m not prepared
for a time
coming like a car
out of the blue
A collision of maturity,
and still wanting
while needing you
like a child
relies upon
his father
to be able to stand


7:03 am
15 March 2012

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