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“The fragility of life seems to be tied directly to the fragility of the human understanding of the concept of grace in the face of fallibility and fallacy.”


Gone too soon

It’s funny how soon we discover when we’re young how far from sturdy this world is.  Even with the sense of invulnerability we grow up having, it never seems to pull the wool over our eyes long enough.  We hate to have our vision blurred even for a mere moment when the world seems to be passing us by.  When I went to Kenya in the early 90’s, a good friend of mine gave me some music to take with me.  I have always used music to mark my life, special occasions and happenstance… and whatnot.  One of the songs that came with me over the Atlantic was a song from a very popular artist called “Gone too Soon”.  Most of the time we think of this song in reference to how fragile life is, and how cruel life sometimes seems to be.  But, over the last few days, I’ve come to recognise that innocence is the first casualty of growing up.  For most conscientious people nowadays, the struggle between children growing up too fast and the reality of instant everything seems to contradict one another.  Children grow up so fast… and as they reach out.. to pull the wool over their eyes, as it were… it happens earlier and earlier in children’s lives nowadays.  It saddens me to know that when we’re young we’re prewired to want to become grown-up.  To get to do what the adults do… etc.  Over my years I realise that I’ve fought that with my whole being, in all sorts of ways.  I hate to see the lights go on in the children’s eyes that I see everyday.  It means that little by little they lose that wondrous and amazing gift of innocence.  My innocence was gone way too soon in my life.  Do you ever feel like yours was too?

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