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Have you met Joy?

True joy is an enigma to me.  Earlier this year, I found myself endeavouring to look at the concept of grace.  In the process of that search, I have learned some… and know that I need to learn more.  Recently over the last few months, God has called me into a relationship with Him that challenged my way of looking at what He does for those He loves.  The forgiveness, the restoration, the lengths to which He will go to give to His beloved children.  While I have been wanting to unpack these experiences, I have been processing far too much with the individuals involved, and have unpacked very little with He that set it all in motion…

All that I have been asking for months has been related to these two questions:

Have you met Joy? 

Has someone or something robbed it from you?


It’s amazing how simple the concept of joy

or having it removed from us

affects the world in which we live. 

It can infuse us with life,


paralyze us with fear.

It can renew our purposes

and in an instant steal them away

like so often we allow circumstance to do

Everything thrives or withers

when the Joy that the Lord gives us

either dwells mightily

or is evicted from

our hearts

It’s a decision, but often it’s

harder to choose to see that it even



Hopefully in the coming days, I can sit down and flesh out the concepts that have been on my heart and exposed to me through these wondrous experiences.  Good, bad, beautiful, ugly, hard, satisfying… peaceful and joyous.  I would gladly receive some of that grace to delve into these.  I know the folks that walked with me, for me, and the ones I walked for have earned the right see what God is teaching through all of this.  Hold me to it, because I need the truth of this winding path that God put me on recently.

The Touch of Flame

The simplest explanation that I have heard about what it means to experience joy is this:

Joy is the holy fire that keeps our purpose warm and our intelligence aglow.

                                                                                            —Hellen Keller

I’m a big believer in the concept of choice.  We choose those things that better us, and unfortunately we choose those things that worsen us.  There is always a choice.  My prayer during these times of sorrow, of pain, of discomfort is that we might choose joy…  because joy does not fade in the face of adversity.  Joy is not dependent upon circumstance or favour or happenstance.  It is dependent upon the person of Christ whose death on the cross made possible the ultimate joy. 

Reconciliation and reclamation.

I pray that I might remember what Henri Nouwen said:

Joy does not simply happen to us. We have to choose joy and keep choosing it every day.

                                                                                            —Henri Nouwen

Today, as my heart breaks for those who suffer far beyond my ability to comprehend, I pray I can choose to feel the flame of joy upon my face today.  To feel the warmth, and comfort would be a gift indeed.  For joy is not what we ascribe to happiness, it is eternal and divine.

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