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Cool ground lays beneath my weary feet
as I rest beside the dying embers of a heart-like fire
In the mirrored stillness the only light
is sprinkled against the tarry canvas above me
barely reminding of what brightness should be
It is frightening to be enveloped in blackness
and makes one weary to stand watch for so long
In the distance I can make out the mourning’s call
a forgotten stirring drawing souls to stand
an echo within forcing hearts to prepare for a new day
A voice crying out in the wilderness helping to
make way for the brightness that only the sun may bring
A place where the dourness of the dark can no longer hide
broken places inside us and brings the choice of healing
At what cost, to lose the anonymity of shadows
and the feeble heat of that remnant flame
embracing with new breath the shine that gives new life
truth of the day driving out the isolation of night
a new world, a new man given freedom, a new sight
all from the rising of the sun


7:35 am
1 April 2012

Curtains intentfully drawn
A single window created

just there

in the corner of the simple room
Blackened shades stretched across
The light struggling to make itself


until the day’s breath labours
dying with the horizon

There once was a simple canal, its
concrete wall to let lazy legs dangle
and large wall-sized windows to let
one’s soul be filled with His expression

Even the lone listing palm tree
to lean back against that which

God Himself provided
my own mother for her respite

for a Lenten pose of penitence
reflective, remembering, reflexive
In a somewhat foreign place now,
an internal space offered up for

a newborn maturity

Drapes keep the landscape
out of eyesight, but still in reach
to eyes desperately seeking


the mercurial fog-like gauze
wrapped around them 
A thirsty soul languishing in a

reclining, declining chair

Fresh scenes filled with inspiration
wrapped up within more pastural
conceptions less maritime

yet open beyond simple panes
like being out amongst grassy waves
fields no longer a foe to oceans

fertile imagination
receptive heart
hungering soul
whispering, pleading
hopeful transformation
no longer apart
sewed together whole
threshing, kneading

windows no longer closed and blocked
hands pulling back the veil
that will be rent and torn

in time

light chasing away darkness
a Lenten-imposed change of perspective



11:55 pm
21 February 2012

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