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It’s like a slammed door to the face.
The echo of the pain isn’t the blood trickling down
from a broken nose.
It’s the treatment, both in action and in thought

That I am not enough to be dealt with
face to face,
and berates my identity, eroding my worth.

Strangers would be given more consideration,
acknowledged with superficial pleasantries.

But my long-standing relationship is cast away,
disgracing me in humiliating

Each slight becomes magnified, like white-hot
light burning into my chest,
And I feel like Hester Prynne,

forever to be treated as less than human
less than a person.

So, I don’t exist anymore unless I can muster
enough energy to rail against my sentence,
and that isn’t me…

it’s the pain of being shut out into a world of

1:50 am
20 November 2013


What if they mean nothing outside of me?
Caught in the mental gauze like webs surrounding my mind
unable to escape, they struggle getting trapped ever more
with each flailing, desperate, panicked movement

What if after the amazing conception they never grow?
And the joyous expectation that bubbles up, effervescent
is closed off and capped and stored upon some cellar shelf
cloistered deep, drowning without the ability to expound and release

What if one day they somehow are set free?
Institutionalised, behind bars of fear, manacled by arrogance
underdeveloped, hindered to never become more than prisoners
tentative, unable to focus due to the lie of failure consuming like fire

What if the conviction inside and the wisdom I know
is lost wandering within, and the desires that fill my heart,
because of my sin, never has the impact that is meant to be
all due to the inconsistent failings of me?

6:43 am
5 August 2013

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