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My dreams are far too often are like looking at a pool. 

A pool that once was still now ripples,

like stones being thrown in from all directions…

Waves overlapping, distorted

The surfaces changing, a maelstrom of confusion

Distracting images discordant and surreal


11:38 am

10 September 2011


Memory intertwined


Uncaring actions transcribed

cast away by


past emotion and present feeling


casting fabricated shadows

on the far side of a fake light


words to soothe self-interest

to placate the wish

hoping the unbelief will make

actions disappear

Deletions from memory

serve to save

one’s fear of their own

true potential for brokenness


to escape from submission to truth

the rewritten past

becomes a mirror that reflects

what one wants to see


their eyes won’t dwell upon

their actual selves


that would require

change to come


the understanding

wrapped within




is honesty that

comes from one’s heart


one doesn’t


to handle that



2:25 pm

29 August 2011


I don’t usually explain my poetry as that too often what the reader might glean from any of it will be far better than what I put into it.  But, since this is straightforward enough, I am left with a question.  We’ve all heard how our own eyes colour what we see, colour the past.

I keep having these questions rolling around.  How is it that we can be so blind to our self-interest that we end up rewriting history?  The good, the bad, whatever.  Doesn’t it amaze you how even shared experiences often look so radically different from another set of eyes? 

Sadly, most of the time when this happens, it tells us so much more about our own hearts and minds than we would like.  Confronted with our actions and face-to-face with our motivations, we readily rewrite the happenstance to push those into a dark corner of our experience so we don’t have to deal with them.

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