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Sobriety isn’t an honourable gesture, nor a powerful cause

it is the wisp of intolerance drifting between reviling memory

and a desperate realisation of feeble mortality expiring

in a solemn mirror’s image before our crushing exhaustion

I feverously cling to its slipperiness with hands by rote muscle memory

an act of an unrealistic madman to thwart my character destruction

as the abyssal entrenchment offers little understanding

to the reason why it works today instead of yesterday

time is a manipulative mistress bent on loss of soul

Folly is the repetition of acts with deliberation and planning

without recognition of the recompense, nor restitution

of the malignant losses listed like so many penal proclamations

Not before, not now was a serious mood attributed to my adolescent manner

of deconstructively approaching the futility of self-involved bondage

the sober fools blithely watching as indelible principles corrupt truth

The surreptitious belief offered was one of unexplored rebellion

coupled with militant youthful enthusiasm and unabashed ignorance

instead of an intellect, anguished with fallen ideals infecting a frozen innocence

So, I found myself acting out a clarion call to adherence to the divine

despite encompassing sacrifice without regarding our dystopia as a

disruption of insulating one’s self behind anesthetic trappings of comfort

but more of the insidious inoculation and prevention of being transformed

by a selfless act offered on our undeserving, feckless behalf

Weathering auspiciousness as wisdom is bypassed by an acidic, didactic allusion

as the furtive sky is really falling, we needing truthful safety,  a radical  deviation

a seminal substitution of transformation for myopic free-willingness  

a sacrificial transferred rebellion in choice



3:09 am

27 March 2011

Today, I am convinced more than ever that people of God must have a sense of responsibility:  in what we do, and also in what we don’t do.  Too often in the Christian walk, we have a list of do’s and don’t’s, and as long as we tend to keep the balance on the appropriate side, we don’t usually sweat the small stuff.  And that usually leads to us not sweating the bigger stuff, as well.  However, too often we do things that make sense to us, that in the long run have lasting negative impact. 


the way we conduct business

the way we value or devalue money

the way we adhere to society’s norms

the way we scrutinise ethical and moral values

the way we interweave politics with our faith

the way we try to mimic society’s trends to lend credibility to our beliefs


There are many more issues where Christians tend to err on the side of what makes immediate sense.  Yet, we all too often, never really hold these behaviours (or lack thereof) and attitudes up to what Christ really asks of us.

Over the next few posts, I hope to write a few observations of my own on things that naggingly get under my skin with regard to how we might want to reinvestigate our attitudes.  I know that my own attitudes are called into question far too often when I speak my mind about what seems to be something that should be challenged.  Yet, this is my way of being less than temporary.  As a temporary soul, I could just criticise and move on.  Occasionally this would work, if I were in a situation where I would see someone only for a day.  But, it just doesn’t work with regards to being in one place.  Sadly, my heart keeps forcing my mouth open with regards to some of these issues, and all people believe is that I’m just a critical soul and have a penchant for being quite negative.

I believe that a healthy dialogue is necessary.  However, short of hosting my own tv or radio show and opening it up for everyone to see, this is my way of starting a discussion on these issues.  Many people disagree with having a debate about issues where Christian beliefs meet society’s practises with the proviso that it sets a bad example.  I would hope not, for a faith in practise that cannot be challenged or scrutinised isn’t faith.

So, being part of a community, the smaller being where we live, the larger being the society in which we live, and the largest being the community of those who follow Christ… I invite you to join and add your perspective to what I hope will be a number of excellent discussions.  May we sharpen ourselves and transition from a societal view to a more God-centered one.

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