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When the words don’t come,
it is a night without the horizon glowing
the grandeur of the universe’s footsteps
No starlight
No moongleam
To touch off apparitions of wonder
the taste of windswept jasmine creates, it
effervesces and dissipates
A cohesive coherence lost
like a sound without an echo within
when the words don’t come


7:03 am
23 May 2012


Entap (v. f. ngentap ; bentap), to be permanent, be steady, settle down

——from the Sea Dyak dialect of the Malay language

We also have the burden of not just using our gifts, but for the right reasons.  I believe that someone who writes, whether it be non-fiction, fiction, poetry, song, advice, counsel, biblical theology, daily journalism, even cartoons has the responsibility to write for the correct reason.  Because it resonates with who we truly have been created to be, and because of what we’ve been allowed to see of truth and of the divine.  If it follows those two premises, it cannot be destructive or promote animus.

“Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.”—-Ephesians 4:29

Now, I hate to steal again from Robert Benson, but I have to include what his comments are on the 3 jobs that a writer has.  If you cannot come up with something wise on your own, borrow from learned souls who have walked the path before you.  Mr. Benson is uniquely qualified to share his experience on his trip, and I have admired his willingness to both share what God created him to be and what God allows him to see.  The 3 jobs are:

“The first job is to learn the craft…. The second job is to find your own voice….  The last of the writer’s three jobs is to figure out what you have to say and begin to say it.” —-Robert Benson, The Echo Within

Over the last few blog entries we’ve been talking about finding that place inside of us, honouring it, and expressing it.  One thing that I have been walking through with my own journey is the issue of permanence.  Learning how to be less temporary has been a chore and a burden for me.  Thus the title of my blog.  But, the title of this entry also applies to writing.  Looking for just one more topic and another form of the word “Tap”, I came across it in an obscure place.  It’s now one of my favourite words.

The reason is simple.  Entapping:  the art of becoming permanent, becoming steady, settling down, becoming rooted.  In writing, that’s what we pray for in our journey.  The ability to sit down and make that part of our lives regular.  Everyday.  Not just disciplined, but a fixture in our lives.  Not some sort of mystical lightning bolt that comes down and hits us once in a blue moon, but a pattern of behaviour.  A pattern that not only transforms what we experience in the world, but allows God to transform us daily into His image.


My hope this exercise is one that allows those that happen upon it, to be rooted.  It’s funny.  One of my friends, Kerry Johnson recently posted about being rooted, and she was someone who in love challenged me months ago about the use of my words both spoken and written.  I have learned more about how to be more permanent in my writings.  I don’t have the luxury of just saying something because it’s something that I believe to be true.  I now know that my words are an investment into the minds and hearts of those to whom I have written, and they are a reflection of He who gave me the ability in the first place.


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