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A Weather Gamut

Today, I was amazed at the complexity of the weather system.  An eerie fog rested upon us this morning while everything was calm and serene.  A little more fog, and I’m sure I would have just sat and watched instead of doing what I needed to this morning.  Then, as the day progressed, a group of huge, white, fluffy clouds danced on the horizon.  It was sunny and wonderful.  Then the wind came, pushing everything over on its ear.  The ripples on the water’s surface behind my home were briskly being swiped away by gusting hands of air.  That too was a wonderful time to sit and be in the maelstrom about to form.  Then as the cold air met with the warmer ground, we had gentle and steady rain.  Not the torrential downpour of a fierce storm, but a nice continuous rainfall without the boomers of thunder and flashes of lightning.  And now, it’s still again.  Quiet and resting.  It’s cooler than before, but there is another stillness.  So much so that I am now just reflecting and scribbling away.  The only thing that would have made it a better day is in the extremes that nature can bring.  Snow, hail, vicious winds, powerful rain.  It was a delightfully relaxed day.


It is colder here nowadays.  I live in south Florida, so it’s really not cold… but for here, it’s pretty nippy. (the kids are being dressed up like the Michelin tire guy again)  Hehe.

I miss the cold.  For some reason, I have always loved the cold.  Biting winds, the slight numbness on the cheeks, and the having to clench hard with toes and fingers to make the blood go through them.  There’s a feeling of totally being alive, and the struggle with death in the middle of real cold.  Your heart pumps harder… every moment seems to slow down, and for me… it’s the time of the year that reflection and serious thought seems to be easier.

It’s also the time when in the past my writing has slowed down too.  Like recharging my batteries, after the late fall and winter, the spring is when I get more creative… after filling up on the beauty of this time.  However, I live in south Florida…

I hate south Florida.

The only difference between now, and any other time of the year is that it’s dry.  Ugh.  Occasionally we get huge gusts of wind, and if I happen to be at the coast… it feels like the fall is beginning…. but it never feels like the time when the batteries get charged.

Later this year, I have to find a place to spend a week or so.  Go on a retreat of silence, or retreat of sanity… to a place where it’s cold enough to snow (not necessary to actually have it), where I can sit and absorb.  Like my little green chair that I took the feet off of so I can relax in it… unless I somehow purchase a sailboat where I can escape the gravity of the ground… I need to find colder weather so that the salve can be placed on my soul.

That’s my dream for a Christmas present.   Maybe someone might know where I can visit for a while.   I’ll take what I can get.

Here’s to bitter cold, and gracious revival.



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