I have found over the years, a deep-seated admiration for those people who can take that drop of water and incorporate the divine and the inspirational from an ordinary source into their lives. There are a couple of scenes from a movie called Tap with Gregory Hines that have taught me lessons about not losing sight of what makes us who we were created to be. In the opening scene, he is trapped, very much like in my previous post. A man, in prison, due to his unwise choices. A man, suffering the consequences of a broken dream conflicted with a faulty, but self-reasoned present.

But in this scene, he taps deep within himself and at the end of his sanity, he finds this internal space. Jazz performers understand this concept very well. Areas inside our souls that can only be touched by a particular activity, a particular way of living one’s lives that resonates with who we are created to be. For jazz performers, it is the edge of confined music. The meshing of rhythm and tonality within a chord progression. For tap dancers, it is a rhythm that translates to the legs and feet, pounding out the percussive dynamic of the world both inside and outside of them.

Gregory Hines’s character finds himself again after being lost behind bars of his own choosing. He finds the sublime in a simple pattern in the falling water drops. There is such exhilaration found in that moment, that even those of us who are not tap dancers can taste the richness and feel our own spirits move. For an instant, I could feel my body involuntarily respond to the rhythm. This image has taught me much about what Shakespeare gave to dear Polonius…

This above all: to thine own self be true

—-Hamlet Act I, Scene III

As someone who has been struggling much of his adult life to reconcile what his dreams have been to his current existence… There are things that resonate with my soul. Writing has long been a piece of the puzzle for me. Talking with people, counseling them, and working with them also seems to be another piece. The issues of reclamation and reconciliation are important to me as well. The expression of such in my life, I do not yet have a grasp on how it will become manifest. Sometimes, I find that I am on the cusp of discovery, and the extension of what God has infused in my soul. What rich gifts are those times in my life, and knowing that God put them there for me so He may use me is truly special.