picture taken of my copy of this on my wall


Expression is such a gift.  Both written and verbal, our world is obsessed with find ways to communicate with one another everything in our lives.  The ability to say to someone what you think or feel is a powerful thing.  It can destroy people, families, communities, nations, etc in a mere moment.  It can also heal broken hearts, bruised souls, crushed spirits.   The words we choose can even in the same breath create cacophony and destruction as well as provide safety and security.   

As a writer I am found, more often than I care to admit, that I am torn between expressing what is inside verbally or in written form.  As a poet, when I actually write things down, they tend to be more poetry than prose.  But even when I do write prose, it has the flavour of poetic happenstance.  This year of 2012, I pray that the pieces that adorn this particular place are ones of grace.  Ones that encourage people to see something other than the mundane in our reality, but are grounded enough to find the divine here with us.  Divinity and inspiration are not only found in the lofty things of life, they are found in the everyday… for He that created creativity is here with us.  I pray that my pieces honour that reality and truth.

Wander and wonder with peace and perception!