The humming beneath the din
winds all spinning, waves crashing
the dancing and dashing
leaves one’s senses to reel and sway
A melody pulses through
its heartbeat racing
and one can taste the musical refrain
in the swirling air
Like a siren’s call it invades this space
and takes away sounds from this place
until all are aware of the canticle
Her lilting voice rising above the tide
all tensions subside from the soothing
singing and powerful praying
One finds themselves saying words
from deep within forgotten echoes
a soul’s crying lapses and strains
being contained beneath self-imposed
chains of broken belief
The songstress’s words become an envelope about
wresting it out from weak hands
so healing begins
A voice so strong and freeing
there is hope in what one’s seeing
in the discord and dismay
Ears straining beyond the cacophony
finding harmony in position
creatively taking brokenness away
in the barest of whispers
like the caress of truth across scars
Warm embraces are lyrics offered
for hearts aching too long
Loving kisses are held out and proffered
like blessings infused in song


12:11 am
27 January 2012

—–I’m often inspired by certain artists, vocalists, in ways that don’t make any concrete transition from my head, my heart, or my soul to what I write. It’s a form of writer’s block to a certain extent. Yet it’s also a deficiency in me. Sometimes, there just aren’t words. The language is far too underdeveloped to express it, or I haven’t learned how yet. Either way it leaves an itchy place in my soul that doesn’t go away quickly. But, given the right muse, the right chanteuse… and my heart is soothed and gently held while I am in that moment. It’s like God placing a blessing… His love and grace in the middle of a moment just for me. That, that stays with me forever.