The transparence one sees in us

that we fashion or create
or is created on our behalf

truth unmasked
motives so clear

comes from a place within our soul…

That part of unconscious identity threatened

with a lonely sentence of anonymity

Not born of dissonance
nor set free with guile

So afraid of allowing ourselves to know,
through another’s set of eyes
the lies that we tell ourselves to make us feel whole

Like an untarnished mirror we gaze

upon a tapestry woven into us
by the hands of the One who
set everything spinning

Sometimes we cannot accept what is seen,

so confounded how such honesty could be portrayed.

Yet, when we can settle down
we absorb the revelations slowly

feeling betrayed by our misguided sense of privacy.

That’s the conflict behind the scenes we tightrope

that simple discord between us all

being known
being lost

being found
being shown

So we recoil with the gleam of someone else’s understanding

reciting “Mirror, mirror”
and praying that no one

can really

Our imperfections, bruises, and scars

those pieces of our heart
a roadmap to our experience

and show us how we truly are

show others who we truly are

show because we’re not what we think we see
hiding behind our own transparency


6:48 am

23 February 2012