It falls apart with the intention.
A simple word, or two,
meaning to alleviate
meant to abbreviate
someone else’s inner cacophony
Resonance wailing
their emotions sailing
There isn’t anything to do.
Peace rests within one’s heart.
An understandable aching doesn’t go away,
with a momentary phrase
nor any other ways
will heartbreak ever cease to be.
So what is said seems weak,
our failure causes us to seek
out answers to painfulness anew.
Until realisation pulls back the veil,
all our actions, our thoughts pale
in comparison to transcending grace
descending from the divine face
of the One who created eternity
The comfort of one’s grievous tension
is only enveloped with loving care
arms surrounding one’s tearful stare.
Gracious actions
quietened choice
the love of Christ
without spoken voice


10:39 am
8 January 2012


Far too often I am found with an opportunity to speak with someone who is grieving. For someone who has many words, this is a difficult time for me. Often there is wisdom or knowledge that is inside and is screaming to get out. Grief doesn’t understand truth or words that are right. It often only understands someone sitting and sharing, quietly. No words remove the sting that the loss of a loved one causes. Nor will any amount of conversation comfort a person who is aching inside. The words of God are to be spoken with grace and truth, but I am learning that they are more effective if lived. Just as Christ, the Word of God, became flesh and dwelled amoung us, compassion comes alongside another and bears it out, together. Sometimes I just need to learn to get out of the way…