As I dive deep, my eyes absorb and see such things.
Sometimes due to an insight that I ascribe to the divine
Others due to experience tripped through,
I can see the broken, cracked, and desperately drowning.
So, I make way below the tumultuous waves
and the hope for calm afterwards is my guide.
My air emerging in gasps rising above my head.
Prayers offered up to see which way is still up.
Underneath the surface things become so quiet,
all I can hear is a frantic pleading of a heart so pained
without the semblance of anything explained.
As I glide below underneath the churning water,
I can see His grace wrapping and extending around
like a life jacket, and I can see the moment unfold.
Asked to be His hands and feet, I find the place untold
one of peace that transcends a maelstrom stirring.
I surface, almost standing in His righteous place…
and I grab hold with all my might which
Allows a tired soul to lean back and rest this night.


8:25 pm
29 February 2012