a collage of colour
lingering still-life beneath an
on-going example of sustenance

the soft shoes squeak
fluttering by like so many
beautiful biped butterflies

cherry tastes and apricot lacquering
my fingers and lips are so very sticky
with metaphor

flavoured tableau
a mist of expectant discussion
layered amidst meals’ carnage

captured images with literary utensils
gathered alongside forks and knives
we supped upon the divine


hoping with the warm embrace
of coffee and the tingle of creativity


under the muted light
pitched through tinted bottles
and hazy dreams

it’s easy to let feet shift
sitting on the edge of worn booths
just off the face of Hooper’s vision
waiting for the phrases
like Ginsberg echoing in the
thickening early morning air

to paint in the anticipation

of being served


9:46 pm
27 February 2012