Eyes can do two things
look and see
Even when they are closed,
they are seeing beneath lids shut tight
It is how we learn
how we grow
how we know
Whatever we look upon
stays with us for as long as we see
Images and the feelings
Experiences and the knowledge
all become a part of us
who we are to someday be
As children our eyes don’t know
so the closets and the dark rooms
scare us because of what they don’t show
But oh
the wondrous moments they have
gazing at clouds and seeing stories
watching the rain’s joy seep out
and people are always
the best of what we’re supposed to be
Our hearts as we get older
are betrayed
are no longer innocent
Not afraid of what is in the dark
terrified of what we see
what we try to hide
And clouds remind us of hurts gone past
and rain echoes brokenness that lasts
a lifetime maybe two
Our eyes make us feel that someone lied
wrapped in doubt
we cannot recognise
the truth
The divine is all around us
Just seeing it
can let it change and
re-arrange our understanding
That grace covers a multitude of sins
armed with that we can
begin anew
from a state of jaded judgment
a fear-laden fate
causing our eyes
to glassen, glaze, and give up
Eyes once blind
unable to impart
belief in healing
a transformation of the heart
Now they see again
the silk in the waves
the caress of the breeze
No relearning
or unlearning for them
nor training to be
A new set of eyes
makes room for innocence
and we can now look for a
newer world
to see


3:26 am
31 March 2012