Taste of it on the air
the breeze wet and sweet
like struggling through a stifling jungle
stepping out into a clearing
lungs expand grateful and full
View of the world is idyllic
a dream finally granted true
Then I awake
caked in the grime that I have worn
years upon decades in this cell
For so very long I have been a prisoner
wearing the rags discoloured by age
no longer light and growing dimmer by the day
Legs trembling to stand
so weak
so starving that I was waiting greedily
for the crumbs tainted by captivity
that were offered me to sustain
Not living at all and barely enduring
Oh how the mind translates it all into joy
and lies to our soul that accepts it
how it must be designed for me
Held hostage to my own understanding
trapped behind enemy lines within
my heart thinking I could never deserve
any better
The less than is my existence
a place where I don’t understand
what fills a heart to overflowing
what saturates a soul with joy
prison of perspective
the pain of perception perverted
And the truth halved creates a graceless existence
Sin and weakness reflected
creating a divine warden
capturing my soul and keeping it quiet
keeping it silent
Life without the unbelievable pursuing mercy
a bloody embrace of pain liberated
that shatters the veil
food fallen in the dust is not a feast
choking air in the bowels of the jungle is not breath
yellow tinged glow isn’t the bright of grace
this is not what I was created to be
this is not what was created for me
but to lose what little I have
means behind these invisible bars
there is no song in me to sing
of freedom


10:31 am
3 May 2012