Does anyone know what graciousness really looks like?

Is it the comforting hand on one’s shoulder when things are trying or rough?

Too often in my perspective, I understand grace in the form of correction.

Without someone being gracious enough to me to extend truth,

I would never change. Ever.

Self-centered and absorbed, given over like property to the ownership of insular thinking

All too easily I look for grace in the ways to which I am accustomed,

and it always seems that my understanding isn’t quite true.

I look for the punishments and the consequences and the corrections.

All that does is reinforce the need for grace, but it never feels freeing.

I feel that is more truth, and that is why often truth is easy and grace so hard.

But as I learn about grace, the simplicity of the thought truly astounds me

Grace is in what God chooses to and what He can no longer see.

For because of redemption, I am seen through the visage of Christ,

and in his perfection we

truly find

what God designed us all to be.



8:49 pm

4 May 2011