Carbon streaks cascading down colourless

a charcoal rendering of an ancient hill

Storm clouds draped across grey

the horizon’s shoulders heavy and bowed

under weight as the sun’s fleeting rays fell short

Ruddy speckles like teardrops

tracing a lonely trail up from below

A sketched dale enshrouded in a moment of inaction

People in a community of voyeuristic abandon

Sullen faces captured in silhouette

as blackened spikes allow a trickle of rouge

to slowly cry its way meandering down

Covering those watching souls

like an eclipse’s fading light

with a corona roseate and sorrowed

A portrait of sacrifice before

the spectacle on grievous display



3:26 pm

19 April 2011


I have had this image of a pencil sketch on a canvas. A hill, rock covered and rough-hewn, set against a grey cloud backdrop. This black and white image is stark to me. The concept of the upcoming crucifixion before Christ being hoisted up on the cross. The ultimate portrait of salvation, hung up for everyone to see.