Simple words, left to be said

Clang and crash

inside my head the concepts are spinning

How do you decide what to leave

for impact, for posterity?

left for others to perceive and glean their importance

If they were forced because of emergent circumstance

the pressure would come from deep within

they would escape like breath

after coming to the surface above

But if I knew for months or years

before the finality came

what fears could my choices allay

or truths carefully chosen

spoken and left to persuade

We fools cling to the belief

that these happenstances won’t ever come for us

that our relief is in the facade of longevity

But it comes for all of us

Sneaking and stealing

that promise to us is so revealing

of how unprepared we truly are

Doesn’t life deserve incredible investment

some statement of divine truths or answers

something, anything for those around us to see?

instead we’re often given nothing that should last

words left of mediocrity



2:11 am

22 September 2011