I walked along your path today.

Sullen steps and childish wonder mixed.

Not quite primrose to me.

But, it never was that to you either.

Once docile memories flutter to life with every step

awakened from their penitent slumber by my uncoordinated intention.

Life would have been sweet for you to taste this long.

Your heart gave you such courage to both ache and rejoice

I have lived forever with such an illicit jealousy in my mouth because of you.

Even now my fingers are reaching for the labours you left me.

Each page another fold pulled back in the emotional,

opaque veil surrounding your kite-like soul.

My visceral reflection wavers like my moral compass.

Swinging at the merest attraction to another magnetic reality.

Your delicate touch, a breath on my skin reminding me

that the cooling waters of heaven pour down

drowning out the cries inside that miss you like the day craves the dawn.

My back bowed under the wait for tomorrow’s grace

my head hung low, languishing as if the axe might fall tonight.

Only because you miss me, and I have been missing without you.

A jasmine kiss of merciful peace is the rest in my prayer for this day.

A step beyond my understanding,

I wished that you could have had another day, another year, another lifetime.

I imagine the pages you would have turned today.

On this self-worn path along the water where we shared tomorrow together.

Your eyes would alight in new belief

confronted with the beauty in the woven tapestry that time remembered



9:52 pm

17 April 2011