I expect changes.  Small changes.  Extreme changes.

Radical changes.  Inconsequential changes.


I expect things.  Simple things.  Extravagant things.

Catastrophic things.  Transcendent things.


I expect actions.  Generous actions.  Selfish actions.

Constructive actions.  Destructive actions.


I expect possibilities.  Positive possibilities.  Negative possibilities.

Life changing possibilities.  Life breaking possibilities.


My expectations.  Your expectations.  Our expectations.

Expectant change.  Expectant things.

Expectant actions.  Expectant possibilities. 


His expectations.

His actions.

His things.

I don’t expect.  I don’t anticipate.  I don’t predict.

I don’t.

He does.

I learn to trust.

I learn to know.

Things aren’t the same.

His actions make that possible.

It is the process.



8:34 pm

20 March 2011